Glades Soul: A Brand Rooted in the Heart of Florida

Glades Soul is a brand born out of a love of The Everglades. The water that flows through it and in it are the life blood of Florida. Our logo is the mangrove tree— a crucial building block of the Everglades. Mangrove forests are as rich in biodiversity as any other kind of forest on earth, both above and below the waterline. They are the heart of this precious ecosystem.

The Glades Soul Mission: To Conserve and Educate

There is only one Everglades in the world and our Everglades are in peril. Glades Soul is committed to preserving the Everglades and educating the world about its diversity and vital importance to the State of Florida. Show your love of the Glades with Glades Soul apparel. 10% of all profits from the Sale of Glades Soul products go towards Everglades conservation. You can get great outdoor gear and you can help the Everglades at the same time. DO YOU HAVE SOUL?

Why Save

the Everglades

The Everglades are the Soul of Florida and one of the most unique ecosystems in the world, and they need our help.

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